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SureSmile® Patient Testimonials

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Hear from SureSmile® Patients!

Dr. Kenneth Grabowski Orthodontics has treated thousands of patients over the years including many SureSmile® patients.

SureSmile® provides shorter treatment times, more advanced treatment technology, and is more comfortable than traditional braces, but don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what some real SureSmile® patients have to say about their experience.

"SureSmile® is amazing. No doubt about it."
"I have less pain with TMJ. I believe the SureSmile® results were fantastic."
"I'm so glad my orthodontist has SureSmile®, because if he didn't, then I might even still have braces on."
- Riana
"After two years of braces, my teeth look amazing!”
- Z.H.
"You didn't have the tightening and yanking of regular braces."

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