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SureSmile® FAQs

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Curious About SureSmile®?

Dr. Kenneth Grabowski Orthodontics highlights a number of FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) regarding SureSmile® orthodontic treatment to help you decide on or fully understand your specific treatment plan.

Instead of Dr. Grabowski bending an archwire by hand, as in conventional treatment, SureSmile® technology uses robotic hands to precisely bend archwires to your unique prescription. SureSmile® provides maximum control of tooth movement, and this efficiency saves you time in treatment.

Using SureSmile® Treatment Planning Software, Dr. Grabowski can evaluate treatment options, visualize the desired end result, and map the path of tooth movement. The plan moves teeth in the most direct path to the target without the need for multiple adjustments.

The software also allows him to digitally evaluate progress during treatment.

The OraScanner® is a hand-held device that functions much like a 3-D digital camera, taking pictures of your teeth using flashing white light. The images create a 3-D model in real-time during the scanning procedure.

The cost of orthodontic treatment is determined by Dr. Grabowski and depends on many factors, including the complexity of your case.

Absolutely. In fact, with SureSmile® Dr. Grabowski has even greater control of treatment, thanks to 3-D tools and the accuracy they bring to treatment planning.

The pain patients experience during orthodontic treatment is a result of changes in pressure caused by adjusting wires. Patients who use SureSmile® treatment experience less pain because fewer wire adjustments and changes are required.

SureSmile® archwires don’t move teeth any faster than conventional archwires. The time difference is due to the computerized treatment plan, made possible through 3-D imaging.

Instead of a continually evolving plan with frequent adjustments, your teeth move along a more direct path to their target positions. Your overall treatment is shorter due to the shorter distance the teeth have to travel.

Orthodontists have used Shape Memory Alloy in straight archwires for the last decade. But until the introduction of our robotic process, they haven’t been able to shape archwires into customized prescriptions because of the high temperature required for bending the alloy. When robotic hands bend the heated alloy material into customized prescriptions, the archwires deliver precise, constant force to move teeth more directly into target positions.

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